Cybelle Brown

Cybelle founded Brown Project Solutions in 2015 and maintains a reputation for delivering exceptional work and impressive business results. Her work in travel, tourism, media and entertainment spans a successful career of over 20 years.  As the lead strategist, marketer and business development executive for Viacom/BET’s digital networks and event production company for over 14 years, Cybelle Brown not only launched and managed festivals all over the globe but also grew the company’s advertising business through unique and successful partnerships. 


In launching an entire programming block of Caribbean content, she drove the development and growth of BET’s travel business, through creative partnerships with destinations and resorts all over the Caribbean. Her work in content production and integrated marketing also resulted in new business for the company with clients like BMW, AARP, The US Army and Johnson & Johnson. 


Cybelle was also a founding member of the Viacom Marketing council which drove integrated partnerships across all Viacom divisions. Her experience in television & digital media for over 14 years is complimented by her work in the travel and tourism industry as a Managing Director of a successful boutique luxury resort and consulting CMO for the island of Saint Lucia when she launched the award winning “Travel Saint Lucia” social media campaign. 


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Hospitality and a Masters degree in Business Administration.